Here is where I am going to be living for the next 27 months (September 2011 – December 2013):


For information about Rwanda from a Peace Corps perspective, go to this site (it is full of wonderful and helpful information!)

Rwanda is a tiny African country located in the East-Centralish region of the continent. Because it is so tiny, it also known to be the most dense in population of all African countries. It is the size of Maryland, apparently, and is commonly known as “the land of 1000 hills”. The monetary unit is the Rwandan franc ($1 = 545 R fr). I will be learning Kinyarwanda during training as this is still considered one of the official languages (with French and English being the other two). The government operates as a republic and over 50% of Rwandan peoples are Catholic, with other high percentages belonging to other Protestant groups and a small portion being Muslim. Rwandan history is dominated by ethnic conflict, and interestingly with the plans of reconciliation put forward by the most recent government, discussion of ethnic belonging no longer exists in Rwanda. Now, the government claims that everyone is simply Rwandan and that everyone is one, united, and a part of the Rwandan country.

This is pretty much what I have learnt so far, but as there are many resources available in print and online, I plan to even learn more about the country before I leave and even as I am living and serving in Rwanda.

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  1. WOAH! I never knew Rwanda was so small. I’ve never actually seen it on a map but never would I think it would be this small. Is Kinyarwanda a hard language to comprehend and speak?

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